Prototype 3

A simple prototype made of a fabric glove, an Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense wired to the PC via USB, and 9 electrodes, 8 of which record the voltage potential around the wrist, and 1 that acts as a ground electrode and which is connected to the 1.65V or 2.5V reference voltage coming from a voltage divider.

The signal electrodes are attached directly to the analog-to-digital converters of the Arduino, which live-streams the collected signals via UART.

The glove has a built-in cover for the electronics. When opened up, it looks like this:


The electrodes are simple metal studs:


Note that there are 16 electrodes, 8 pairs of two, going around the wrist, but only 8 of these are actually connected.

If you require assembly instructions or further information, please contact the author.