Finished new UI

The new user interface now supports all previous features!

MyocularUI screenshot

It's sooo much more pleasant to have a direct view on the state of the application and an instant visualization of the signals. The previous version was literally just a blank window, with a single menu called "File" that contained all the actions. :D I never even bothered to upload a screenshot, but here's one for documentation purposes:

screenshot of old 'Calibrator' tool

Also, this time I used clean & efficient data structures to make the code easier to work with, a more reliable key capturing library (pynput), and threads to prevent one activity from blocking the others. The signals obviously go via Bluetooth instead of a wired serial connection.

I'm also thinking of changing the name for the project, since people are reading it as "my ocular" rather than recognizing the neologism made of "myo" (for "muscle") and "ocular" (from "eye"). But all the good names are taken, of course. -_-