Website is Ready

The website is more fleshed out now, with a nice black/green design, neurons in the background, and a logo that is based on the logo of the fictional TriOptimum Corporation from the System Shock game series.

Videos are now hosted on a PeerTube Channel, allowing me to upload higher quality videos in the future while keeping the git repository of the website small.

I also catalogued individual components (circuit schematics, circuit boards, textiles, software) that resulted from this project so far, and documented how they all fit together in the prototype overview. Each component has an individual ID now, that I can easily write, print or sew on the hardware so I don't mix everything up. For example, prototype 4 has the ID "p4" and can be reached directly via, while the signal processing board of p4 has the ID "b1" and can be reached via

Here's a screenshot, for a future time when the design has changed:

screenshot of the new website